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  • How long will the Testnet of Venom take place?
    The Testnet will run until the start of Mainnet! The exact date is still to be determined.
  • How do I download the Venom Wallet?
    Click here to access all information about the Venom Wallet, including how to download it!
  • What do I need to do as a participant on the Testnet?
    As a user you are able to use applications &products such as the Venom Wallet or Web3.World. The user can test all of the products and provide feedback to optimize the technology for Mainnet.
  • How can I obtain test VENOM?
    To obtain test VENOM, you will need to download the Venom wallet, log in with your Twitter account, and follow the Venom Foundation on Twitter.
  • What should I do if I need additional VENOM for the testnet?
    If you require additional test VENOM, you can complete daily tasks. For example, participate in the daily quiz.
  • How can I receive an NFT from a project on Venom?
    To receive an NFT from a project on Venom, you must complete all tasks related to the project. Project specific tasks can be found within the individual page of each project.
  • Why is there a refundable fee?
    Maximum fee amount is specified by dApp being required to pay for the logic executable smart contracts chain. Most commonly this fee will be partially refunded on a user's wallet.

Venom provides a virtual machine that executes smart contract code on the Venom blockchain. It is a Turing complete virtual machine, like EVM, but it is considerably different.

Smart contracts in Venom provide a new, more flexible, and controlled flow over the execution of application logic. You can start building smart contracts with Solidity using our toolchain and development guides.

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